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England Captain Charlotte Edwards Batting Masterclass

March 20, 2015

England Captain Charlotte Edwards Batting Masterclass

Batting Masterclass with the England Captain

Charlotte Edwards, the England Womens captain came to the Dummer cricket centre on the 10 April to run a batting masterclass. 

Miss Edwards ran a similar course with Serious Cricket in 2013 and the 2015 course proved every bit as popular with over 45 children attending. 

The course was based around playing spin bowling.  With five stations testing the players technical/physical abilities and the session ended in a spin based challenge.  

This was followed by a Q and A, which brought up some interesting questions!  How do you manage the pressures of captaincy and keeping your form?  Who was your female role model/influence?  Were just two of the more informative ones!

Everyone went away with a real buzz having benefited from being up close to the leading run scorer in Womens ODI cricket. 

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