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Chase Cricket 2020

Chase Cricket 2020

5 bat shapes make up the Chase Cricket bat range for 2020. Every Chase Cricket bat is made from superior English Willow and all hand made in Hampshire at the Chase Cricket factory by master bat makers. 


The Chase Platinum Cricket Bat is made from the best possible English Willow. Due to the rarity of this Willow, the Chase Platinum cricket bat is very limited in numbers. Ultimate in style and performance.


The Chase FLC Cricket bat is made from premium Grade 1 English Willow. Hand selected from Chase Cricket's top 4% of English willow, the FLC cricket bat provides a huge sweet spot and a balanced pick up that will be sure to entertain and give you confidence at the crease.


The Chase Volante Cricket Bat will suit all batting styles whether you like to score a boundary with every shot or play a much more conservative game. Available in 4 different grades of English Willow.


An extra con-caved back provides an unmatched pick up and balance from the Chase Finback Cricket Bat. Ideal for touch players who like to hit gaps as well as attacking drives. Available in 4 different grades of English Willow.


The Chase Vortex Cricket Bat would suit the 'see ball, hit ball' type of cricketer. A modern shaped cricket bat with thick edges and balanced feel.

Accompanying the Chase Cricket Bats in the 2020 range are a comprehensive range of Batting Gloves, Batting Pads, Wicket Keeping Gloves, Wicket Keeping Pads, Wheelie Bags and Duffle Bags.

Which Chase Cricket Bat range best suits your game?

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