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Kookaburra Cricket 2019

The Kookaburra Cricket 2019 range has arrived!

6 Cricket bats make up the Kookaburra Cricket 2019 range, some old classics that have stood the test of time with others boasting new innovative designs and profiles to help you make an impact on the game.

Accompanying the 6 Cricket bats are a family of Batting Gloves, Batting Pads, Cricket Bags and Duffles, Cricket Helmets and Cricket Footwear and Spikes all of which are packed with the latest technical innovations. Kookaburra Wicket Keeping continues to lead the way and has been designed alongside England's Jos Buttler ensuring that no wicket keeping glove feels as good as a Kookaburra.

Are you The Kahuna, The Ghost, The Nickel, The Rampage, The Charge or The Glare? 

This comprehensive range of Cricket Equipment is sure to blow you away with its stunning designs and innovative thinking.

The Kookaburra Cricket 2019 range is now available!

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