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Kookaburra Cricket 2020

Kookaburra Cricket 2020

The 2020 Kookaburra Cricket range has arrived!

The 2020 Kookaburra Cricket range includes 5 different cricket bats. The ever-present Kahuna and Ghost cricket bats have been slightly tweaked for 2020 while Kookaburra Cricket have introduced the Shadow, Pace and Concept 20 to its 2020 Kookaburra Cricket range. 

The 2020 Kookaburra Cricket range also sees a variety of brand new Batting Gloves, Batting Pads, Cricket Bags and Duffle Bags, Cricket Helmets and Cricket Footwear including Spikes and Rubbers. Kookaburra Wicket Keeping remains a leader within the Wicket Keeping category. Kookaburra Wicket Keeping 2020 has been designed and developed with England Wicket Keeper, Jos Buttler.

Which Kookaburra family do you like the best? The Shadow, The Pace, The Concept 20, The Kahuna or The Ghost?

The Kookaburra 2020 range is now available at Serious Cricket! 

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