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Serious Cricket World Cup 2019 - Predictions!

June 18, 2019

Serious Cricket World Cup 2019 - Predictions!

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is up and running and it has been an interesting start.

So far, we have seen some great cricket played with runs galore from Dharwan, Sharma, Roy, Root, Warner, Finch, Kohli, Shakib Al Hasan, Karunaratne, Williamson and Rohit Sharma!

However, the batters haven’t had all their own way as the fast boys are getting some help from the English pitches and are well and truly alive in this World Cup.

Who can forget Stokes amazing catch on day one? 

All the above is making for an even contest between bat and ball.  Which in my humble opinion makes for good ODI cricket! 

The rain has caused a few games to be canceled and with no reserve day, it makes it tough on the teams who miss out.

Having a reserve day would help but that must be weighed up against the competition running for too long! 

Fingers crossed that the rain-affected games don’t play too much of a role in who makes it to the semi-finals.

We are nearing the halfway point of the group stage and the form teams appear to be sorting themselves out.

How have things started for the teams?

England are world number 1 but we don’t know if that early loss to Pakistan will be a blow to their confidence.  In the last couple of day’s they have picked up injuries to a couple of key players but I do see them winning enough games to make the semis. India is a good solid side with a useful bowling attack and they have started well.  The West Indies have a strong team but have had a loss against Australia, who also look good but have had a loss.  New Zealand look very solid with three wins.  Bangladesh have played well but don't have many points.  Afghanistan have performed well but don’t seem strong enough yet to make their way into a semi-final place.  South Africa have had a tough time and could well be going home early.  Pakistan have been inconsistent, and Sri Lanka have played well but are struggling to pick up points.

It all looks really intriguing.  Stay tuned folks because we don’t know what is around the corner!

My picks for the Semi-Finalists are England, India, New Zealand, Australia.

Winners - England